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PORTION PAL™ KIT, 24oz, 3-Valve- FIFO

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Take advantage of PORTION PAL’s adjustable portion-control to easily dispense ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard or a diverse range of other condiments for consistent food prep.

Adjustable Portion Control – Snap between color-coded portion rings to quickly set the volume dispensed; portion sizes range from 1/4oz(7.5ml) to 1oz(30ml).

Fast Dispensing – Improve your speed of service.

NSF Certified – Certified by NSF to adhere to the highest food safety standards.


  • 1 x handle set
  • 3 x bottles (dispensing cap, canister and plunger) -  24oz(710ml)
  • 5 x fixed portion control rings - 1/4oz(7.5ml), 1/3oz(10ml), 1/2oz(15ml), 3/4oz(22.5ml) and 1oz(30ml)

Assembled Portion Pal Dimensions:

  • Diameter: 3.23”(82mm)
  • Height (when full):
    • 24oz 17.95” (456mm)

Made in CANADA

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