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Traditional Fabric Cooking Bag- Medium - MagicBag

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Despite the simplicity if the idea, it us a revolutuion in the culinary world. it is a slow cooker. MagicBag completes the cooking process of food that has beedn boiled for a while without using a direct heat source: gas, electricity or any other heat source. 

MagicBag completes the cooking of any type of food needs low hear to ripen. Just boil the pot and place it in MagicBag and tie it tightly, then leave it to complete the cooking process.

General Information

  • Use pots with small handels
  • Dont change the hot pot. Use the same pot that was exposed to direct heat
  • Before moving the pot to the MagicBag, make sure that a silicone base or small towel is placed on the base of MagicBag. 
  • The quicker the pot is moved to the bag, the more satisfactory results will be obtained. 
  • When using magicBag-tray, you must place a towel or a silicone base on the bottom of the bag. The tray must be sealed with tin if it doesn;t have a lid. This type of MagicBag is used to keep food warm and not to complete cooking
  • Food should be consumed after being removed from the MagicBag
  • Don't place the pot directly on the fabric of the bag so that its is not burned
  • MagicBag should not placed near direct heat sources so that it does not ignite as it is made of fabrics
  • It is not permissible to opem the MagicBag during slow cooking, as it will affect the process of slow cooking 
  • Care should be exercised when moving MagicBag from one place to another, especially if there are fluids in the pot so as not to spill these liquids, which can be very hot
  • Large size 6 to 8 liters/ base size 28cm
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