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FIFO BOTTLE™ 16oz (475ml)- FIFO

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Not all squeeze bottles are created equal. FIFO BOTTLE™ is the bottom dispensing, industry gold standard, widely regarded as the best squeeze bottle for busy restaurants.

Perfect for dispensing ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard or a diverse range of other condiments. The FIFO BOTTLE™ bottom dispensing design guarantees correct food rotation, less waste and faster dispensing – no more banging bottles on the counter!

First in, first out – Ensure correct food rotation with the FIFO BOTTLE™ bottom dispensing design.

Fast Dispensing – Gravity pulls sauce down towards the valve, eliminating the need to bang bottles on the counter and ensuring sauce is always ready to dispense.

Easy to clean – Dual openings allow for easy cleaning.

NSF Certified – Certified by NSF to adhere to the highest food safety standards.

Assembled Bottle Dimensions:

16oz (473ml) FIFO BOTTLE:

    • Diameter: 2.45” (62mm)
    • Height: 8.11” (206mm)

Made in CANADA