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Hand Gel Sanitizer 500ml- HYGEX

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Handy Gel  Alcohol Sanitizer is a 70% ethyl alcohol base antiseptic  hand gel  sanitizer with moisturizing agents  for the disinfecting and decontaminating of  hands instantly and without the use of water. Use Handy Gel Alcohol Sanitizer to disinfect hands between hand washings. The gelled alcohol  guarantees  no waste and no spilling / splashing  for an effective distribution of product and improved hand disinfecting using ethyl alcohol  as a primary sanitizing agent to eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses, while the ultra-moisturizing agents leaves  the hands soothed and refreshed without drying or irritation and with a premium non- sticky after feel

  • 70% Alcohol base antiseptic hand gel sanitizer

How to use :

  • Use two dose of Handy  Gel  Alcohol Sanitizer dispenser ,rub  on clean and dry hands
  • Rub it into the hands and Forearms for 30 seconds (for hygienic hand disinfection) and 1.5 minutes ( for surgical hand disinfection)  until the alcohol phase has evaporated
  • Rub well into the spaces between fingers and under the fingernails
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