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Food Temple plate diameter 18 & 24 cm- 58Products

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Food temple - 2 levels with 2 deep plates with a bite in white, Ø 18 - 24 cm

Our popular deep plates with a bite, whether small or large, have always been an eye-catcher. But as two-tier tiered stands with the appropriate name “Food Temple” they become a charming good-mood object.

This allows small delicacies to be offered in an original and space-saving manner. Everyone is happy to have access here and is amused by the unusual, fun design.


  • Diameter: lower plate 24 cm, upper plate 18 cm
  • Height with central pole: 25 cm
  • Total weight: 997 gr
  • The plate and bar are delivered unassembled and are child's play to assemble.
  • Plate: hotel china, dishwasher-safe.
  • Middle bar: zinc alloy and stainless steel / silver metal ring. Ground foot
  • 100% Made in Germany
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